Maker Bean Kids Tech Summer Break Camp

Maker Bean Kids Tech Summer Break Camp

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Make things, friends & memories!
Have your child spend their Summer Break meeting new friends & learning tech skills at The Maker Bean Cafe at 1052 Bloor St. West! Using tools such as laser cutters, 3D printers & wood-working tools, and with 1 laptop per child, your children will create something straight out of their imaginations!

Summer camps run from July 2 - August 30 inclusive in full-week, 5-day sessions (except July 2-5 and Aug 6-9, which are 4 days due to statutory holidays).

We have 2 Maker Week themes & 2 Minecraft Week themes - if signing up for multiple weeks, we recommend signing up for different themes (e.g., Maker Week 1 & 2, Minecraft Week 1 & 2, or any Maker Week & any Minecraft Week!) Detailed descriptions of each activity below.

For kids 6-12 years old, both experienced & new makers alike.

Kids also head outdoors for at least 1.5 hours per day to Dufferin Grove or Dovercourt Parks (5-minute walks from The Maker Bean) for active games & fresh air. Please ensure your kids are dressed for the appropriate weather.


$495/5-day week

$395/4-day week

Lunch and snacks for the full week available (veggie options available too) for $80, use drop down menu and add lunch to cart


Camps run 9 AM – 4 PM daily, drop off from 8:50 AM, pick up promptly at 4 PM

Full-week themes by date:

Maker Theme 1: July 8-12,  Aug 6-9 (4 days due to public holiday Monday)

Maker Theme 2: July 22-26, Aug 19-23

Minecraft theme 1: July 2-5 (4 days due to public holiday), July 29-Aug 2, Aug 26-30

Minecraft theme 2: July 15-19, Aug 12-16

Activity descriptions for each week (please note, activities may change due to availability of materials)

Maker 1 Theme

Day 1: Animated Name Tags (Coded with Scratch!)

To start the week, campers will get an introduction to programming using a kid-friendly drag and drop programming platform called Scratch. Campers will create a digital name tag that includes custom animations, like movement and sound to introduce themselves to their fellow campers.

Day 2: Invisible Ink Journal

Today we will learn how to wire up a simple UV LED circuit to make our own Invisible Ink Journals. We will concoct various recipes for invisible ink to write our secret messages in a laser cut book. After wiring up our special UV led, we will assemble our light up books and test out our different inks!

Day 3: Custom Pen Holder + 3d printed pencil topper

Today we’ll be learning about 3D printing! Campers will each design and print their own pencil toppers using a child friendly design software called TinkerCAD. Then we'll see how 2-D laser cut pieces can come together in a more complex 3-D structure by building a pen holder to keep our desks organized.

Day 4: Motorized Car

Time for motors! Now that we are familiar with basic assembly techniques, we’ll build our very own car. We will learn how to wire up a motor and attach wheels. After decorating and customizing our vehicles, we’ll let them roam around the space!

Day 5: Wooden Rocket Ship

To finish up the week, we are going to build a rocket ship! We will start by wiring up an LED circuit. Then we’ll assemble our rocket ships out of laser cut wood and acrylic pieces. We will finish the day by decorating them and adding a plush astronaut to take them to the moon!

Maker 2 Theme

Day 1: Acrylic Lamp

To start off the week, we will build custom acrylic lamps! We’ll start our day in Adobe Illustrator creating a design to etch into an acrylic piece. Once we wire up our LED’s and assemble our lamps our designs will glow!

Day 2: Acrylic Mosaic & Animated GIFs

On our second day, we’ll be mixing digital and analog activities! First, we’ll use wick editor, a child friendly animation software, to create a custom GIF that shows something about each camper's personality. Then we’ll take things retro by making a framed mosaic out of transparent acrylic pieces.

Day 3: 3D Printed Magnet + Laser Cut Trinket Box

Today, we’ll be designing and 3D printing custom magnets using a child friendly design software called TinkerCAD. Then in the afternoon we’ll learn how to assemble our very own treasure box!

Day 4: Active Volcano Diorama

Taking our inspiration from the natural world, we’ll be building themed dioramas using laser cut pieces to host dormant volcanoes. Once completed, we’ll be taking our creations outdoors to activate our volcanoes with the classic vinegar and baking soda combination.  

Day 5: Motorized Moped
To finish up our week of Maker camp, we will tackle a more ambitious project and learn how to wire up our very own motors! We will assemble our mopeds and let them roam around our space.

Minecraft 1 Theme

Day 1: Redstone Torch

To start off the week, we will assemble our very own Redstone Torches (which are more rare than normal ones)! We will assemble a simple LED circuit and decorate our torches, before finishing the day off with a Minecraft gaming session! 

Day 2: Minecraft Chest

Today, we will make our very own functional Minecraft chest! We will use laser cut pieces and even customize our own names on them. After decorating, we will finish the day by playing Minecraft all together!

Day 3: Magic Potion

Magic potions are a rare and a very valuable item. We will use laser cut acrylic pieces to make our very own custom potions with laser cut labels & descriptions! Time to power up!

Day 4: Light Up Furnace

A furnace is one of the most valuable tools in minecraft! We will assemble our furnaces using laser cut pieces, as well as wire up a simple LED circuit so that it can light up just like a real one! We will wrap up the day by playing Minecraft all together.

Day 5: Rotating Squid

Motor time! This week, we will learn how to wire up our first motor! We will then use it to build a Minecraft squid out of laser cut pieces and crafting materials. We’ll wrap up the day by going on a squid hunt in Minecraft.

Minecraft 2 Theme

Day 1: Redstone Lamp

To start off the week, we’ll assemble a Redstone Lamp! We will learn how to wire up a simple LED circuit and assemble laser cut pieces to make a cute bedside table lamp. We will wrap up the day by playing Minecraft together!

Day 2: Light Up Campfire

Campfires are a luxury in Minecraft that not many know exist. Today, we will make our own campfires using laser cut logs and simple LED circuits. We will finish the day by playing Minecraft together!

Day 3: 3D printed Minecraft animals

Today we will learn about 3D printing by using blocks to design an animal in TinkerCAD. Campers will be able to transfer the skills they’ve learned building things in the game to a slightly more advanced design software that they can then print in real life!

Day 4: Acrylic Nether Portal

A portal to the Nether World is a hard achievement in minecraft. We will use acrylic pieces as well as an LED circuit to make our own custom Nether Portal. We will wrap up the day by working together in Minecraft to try to build one in-game as well. 

Day 5: Spider Bot

Spiders are arguably the scariest monsters in Minecraft. We will learn how to wire up a motor and assemble a propeller to make our Spider Bots jump around! Once we’ve completed our swarm of Spider Bots, we will finish the day by checking out the “real” spiders in Minecraft.