Maker Bean Full-Day Kids Tech Camps - PA Days & Holidays

Maker Bean Full-Day Kids Tech Camps - PA Days & Holidays

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ake things, friends & memories!
Have your child spend their day meeting new friends & learning tech skills at The Maker Bean Cafe at 1052 Bloor St. West! Using tools such as laser cutters, 3D printers & wood-working tools, and with 1 laptop per child, your children will create something straight out of their imaginations!

Upcoming full-day tech camps in 2023 include these dates (activity for each day are below):

  • Feb 21
  • April 4-6, 10-13
  • May 26
  • June 2

Each day has a different theme, so you can sign your child up for multiple camps, and they won’t repeat the same activity. Themes for each day are described below.

For kids 6-12 years old, both experienced & new makers alike.

Kids also head outdoors for at least 1.5 hours per day to Dufferin Grove or Dovercourt Parks (5-minute walks from The Maker Bean) for active games & fresh air. Please ensure your kids are dressed for outdoor time during the winter.



Lunch and snacks available (veggie options available too), +$18, use drop down menu and add lunch to cart


Camps run 9 AM – 4 PM daily, drop off from 8:50 AM, pick up promptly at 4 PM

Themes for each day


Feb 21, 2023: Castle Building

In the morning, we’ll build a light-up castle. In the afternoon, we’ll design and lasercut tiny wooden people to go in the castle!

April 4, 2023: Build a Robot

We will be creating a motor-powered walking robot, with a personalized face.

April 5, 2023: Space Exploration

We will be building a light-up space exploration diorama, with a tiny customizable Mars Rover robot to go with it!

April 6, 2023: Earth Day

We will be building tiny lasercut mushroom lamps, then lasercutting custom pins from tree cookies!

April 10, 2023: Foosball Table

We will be building tiny foosball soccer tables, with custom flip figures!

April 11, 2023: Pirates

We will be building a light-up pirate ship.

April 12, 2023: Rainforest

We will be building slow slothbots, then 3D designing and printing custom jumping poison dart frogs.

April 13, 2023: Custom Pokemon
We will be lasercutting and building our own custom Pokemon.

April 14, 2023: Mock Video Game Console
We will design custom wooden “video game consoles” capable of lighting up, and lasercut patterns into them.