Maker Bean Full-Day Kids Tech Camps - PA Days & Holidays

Maker Bean Full-Day Kids Tech Camps - PA Days & Holidays

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Make things, friends & memories!
Have your child spend their day meeting new friends & learning tech skills at The Maker Bean Cafe at 1052 Bloor St. West! Using tools such as laser cutters, 3D printers & wood-working tools, and with 1 laptop per child, your children will create something straight out of their imaginations!

Next PA & holiday camps are:

  • PA Day: Mon, Apr 8, 2024 (note: there will be no outdoor time during eclipse 2-4pm)
  • PA Day: Fri, Jun 7, 2024

    Each day has a different theme, so you can sign your child up for multiple camps, and they won’t repeat the same activity. Themes for each day are described below.

    For kids 6-12 years old, both experienced & new makers alike.

    Kids also head outdoors for at least 1.5 hours per day to Dufferin Grove or Dovercourt Parks (5-minute walks from The Maker Bean) for active games & fresh air. Please ensure your kids are dressed for outdoor time during the winter.



    Lunch and snacks available (veggie options available too), +$18, use drop down menu and add lunch to cart


    Camps run 9 AM – 4 PM daily, drop off from 8:50 AM, pick up promptly at 4 PM

    Themes for each day:


    February 16 - Jellyfish Lamp

    This PA day, we will design our very own Jelly Fish Lamps!

    We will start the day in Adobe Illustrator, where we will design our Jellyfishes. We will focus on using shapes and drawing tools to customize and create a custom jellyfish and send it over to our laser cutter.

    After lunch, we will learn how to wire a small LED circuit. We will then build our lamp stand and assemble our jellyfishes with the lamp. 

    We will finish the day by decorating our jellyfishes and making sure they are as beautiful as they can be!


    April 8 (date changed by TDSB and other boards due to solar eclipse) - Book Nook

    This PA day, we will build our very own book nook!

    We will start the day by designing the front piece of our Book nook in Adobe Illustrator. We will learn how to tell the laser cutter where to draw and where to cut, and create our own unique book nook front pieces.

    After Lunch, we will assemble our book nooks and learn how to create an illusion of depth using a simple mirror. We will then attach our previously designed front piece. Quick students can even find the time to add some LED’s to their creation.

    We will finish the day by decorating our Book nooks and making them as magical as we can!


    June 7th - Pinball Game

    This PA day, we will build our very own pinball game!

    We will begin by assembling the base of the game itself using pre-cut pieces. We will learn how to create a slope for the marble to roll down on, and how to build a box that is a little bit more complex.

    After lunch, we will focus on making functional pin ball handles. We will learn how to create a simple hinge and make sure the game is functional. We will then create custom obstacles and name tags for the games using the laser cutter.

    We will wrap up by painting and decorating our pin ball game, and (if time permits) host a little tournament!