Adult Workshops

The Maker Bean Cafe is your place for creative technology workshops to help you learn skills like laser cutting & 3D printing!

Regular monthly workshops:

  1. Introduction to 3D Printing - first Monday of each month, 6-8 PM (except holiday Mondays, in which case on the next day, Tuesday from 6-8 PM)
  2. Introduction to Laser Cutting - last Monday of each month (except holiday Mondays, in which case on the next day, Tuesday from 6-8 PM)

Upcoming Holiday Workshops:

    1. Holiday 3D Printed Cookie Cutters - Monday, December 5th 2022. 6pm-8pm 
    2. Introduction to Laser Cutting- Holiday Ornament Workshop - Monday November 28th & Monday December 19th


3D prints

Print a Thing: Introduction to 3D Printing – first Monday of each month, 6-8 PM (except holiday Monday, in which case on next day Tuesday from 6-8 PM), sign up here!

Come learn about the art of 3D design and printing at The Maker Bean! During this workshop, you’ll learn how to:
+ Use a 3D design tool to create objects in space
+ Incorporate existing 3D designs into your work
+ Get your design ready for 3D printing
+ Load and operate a 3D printer

You’ll finish the workshop with your own 3D design! Due to the speed of 3D printing, we’ll print your design and have it ready for you to pick up later in the week.

Coffee or tea included with your workshop; laptops and all equipment provided, just bring yourself!


laser cut pins and luggage tags

Fun with Lasers: Introduction to Laser Cutting – last Monday of each month, sign up here!

Laser-cut Ornament Workshop-
Sign-up here!

Come play with lasers over coffee or tea! Laser cutting is a creative and fun way to bring your designs to life on a variety of materials, from wood to acrylic to leather, and there's no better place to do it than a cafe.

As part of The Maker Bean Cafe's laser cutting experience, you'll be given a laptop and all the design software you'll need, and we'll walk you through a full design and laser cutting experience. We'll teach you how laser cutters work, show you different cuts you can achieve on maple wood and then let you design your own pin or coaster!

You'll also receive a cafe drink with your experience: coffee or tea, hot or iced, from local coffee roaster Propeller Coffee Co. and local tea maker Pluck Teas.

Let your creativity fly: choose your favourite designs, arrange them any way you'd like, and then operate the laser cutter yourself to create your item! It be a souvenir of your time here, a special gift for someone or a personal keepsake for yourself.

 Looking forward to getting creative with you at The Maker Bean Cafe!



Holiday 3D Printed Cookie Cutters - Monday, December 5th 2022. 6pm-8:00pm 
Sign-up here!
Make a real impression on your dough with a custom cookie cutter! 

Included in the Workshop (1 of each item per participant):
  • Included in the Workshop:

    - One 12oz cafe such as a cappuccino, latte and many more!  
    - One 3D printed cookie cutter (Designed by you)
    - Instruction ion how to source your image and transform it into a 3D design
    - A laptop to create on.

    You can take a look at designs ahead of time for inspiration form an open source website NounProject

    *We will email you when your 3D print can be picked up. Usually within 2-3 days.

    Just bring yourself and enjoy!

Workshop runs approximately  2 hrs